On Thursdays in November and December, Downtown Decatur, GA turns into something magical. During what is called Terrific Thursdays, the town’s shops, restaurants and services go the extra mile to make the season special. From tree lightings, Santa sightings and carols to special in-store events, discounts, and treats, the town feels like something out of a Gilmore Girls episode.

Here are 10 ways to make Thursdays terrific.

#1 You can linger a little longer, Mom. The kids only have to make it through one more day of school.

Smelling Candles
Wild Oats & Billy Goats

#2 Adults only have to endure one more day of work. There’s a happy hour somewhere… if not every corner.
Thursday nights in Downtown Decatur
Raging Burrito

#3 Deals! The T namesakes, such as Thirsty, Trivia, and Terrific, are reason enough to offer special deals.
#4 During the holiday season, shops stay open late.
Shopping inside the store SQ/FT in Decatur, Ga

#5 You can find that original gift item.
Uncommon Scents Candles

#6 Explore for that perfect gift idea for special someone on your list.
Little Shop of Stories

#7 There is always something for everyone on a Terrific Thursday.
Wild Oats & Billy Goats

#8 Cocktails should always be encouraged during shopping.

#9 Everything feels more festive and fun during the season.
#10 And snow falls in the South on one very special Thursday…
…Which makes the day oh-so terrific.

Have fun getting your shopping done at Terrific Thursdays in Downtown Decatur. A must-do every year!

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