First Day School
For many, August marks the first weeks of getting back to school. And that’s when it begins…


Kids drop like flies out of classrooms. The remaining few muscle on wiping their noses discreetly. Teachers send out emails for more tissue boxes needed. The endless cycle of exposure to germs and building up the immunities to fight them has begun.

When your child is out sick from school, it is In-Con-Venient. So it’s good to have a pediatrician that you feel comfortable with and is accessible to treat your child quickly or at the very least let you know what you are facing.

Dr. Chintak Patel with Savannah Pediatric Associates, view full video.

According to Dr. David Oliver, ear, nose and throat specialist, “Most kids will grow out of getting colds all the time as they build up their immunities and their physical structures are developed. The ear, nose and other structures in that area are still developing in children. Their sinuses, which are the cavities, or air-filled pockets, near the nasal passage, continue to grow and some don’t even develop until 7 years of age and adolescence.”

Ear Exam
Dr. David Oliver examines a child in Kids’ Ear, Nose and Throat Issues video.

“We consider many factors when diagnosing children. Children that continue to go from infection to infection, and it affects their overall well-being may have enlarged tonsils. Enlarged tonsils can be a source for bacteria, so the child never gets well…However, if the child or adult continues to suffer sinusitis, which is infection of the sinuses, into later years. We look at other sources of the problem.”

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Other sources of what seem like constant colds could be allergies. However, allergy and asthma specialist Dr. Brad Goodman cautions not to jump to that conclusion too quickly, especially in Savannah, Georgia where it’s easy to blame the tree pollen.

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