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Dinner and Movie
Whether you’re a parent of two or a mother to many –it’s hard to get me time.

And us time? Just forget it.

In a world that takes us from school to soccer and from work to Walmart and back again, how do we find time for each other while still finding time for ourselves and the things we love? Simple, we merge the two. Take for instance this conversation between my husband and I last weekend.

Me: Let’s do something romantic this weekend.

Husband: I’ll check the tides.

Me: A sunset cruise?

Husband: …and Red Fishing.

So we went red fishing at sunset and while we didn’t catch any fish, we did catch up with each other. I had to rethink date night to get that time and I was so glad I did.

Boat Date
Captain Robert Szychowski shows this couple the ins and outs of low country fishing. Want to go fishing and actually catch something? Get a glimpse at Explore Barrier Islands.

Now let’s say you either A. Don’t like to fish or B. Don’t have a sitter. No problem, there are plenty of other ways to spend time with loved ones this fall.

Coastal Botanical Gardens has you covered with the Fall Gardenfest on Friday, October 23 from 12-4 p.m. or Saturday, October 24, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Walk hand in hand through an array of fall colors while watching the kids run around the maze of flowers. You and yours can find everything from gardening tools to a great selection of plants from local nursery vendors. It’s an easy way to awaken your inner gardener (ahem, me time) while spending quality time together.

Fall Gardens
Find out why kids and adults alike love Coastal Botanical Garden, get a glimpse.

There’s another kid-friendly, day-date option on Saturday, October 24 at the Isle of Hope Art & Music Fest. Enjoy the perfect fall weather while strolling around the beautiful bluff looking for one of a kind pieces of local art. Take something special home, hang it and you’ll always remember the moment you bought it together.

Art Buyers
Take a virtual stroll through the Isle of Hope Art & Music Fest right now.

Need more ideas? How about grabbing some grub from Zunzi’s this weekend on your way to the 26th annual Savannah Folk Music Festival. Opening night kicks off Friday, October 9th at 7 p.m in Ellis Square. Find out more about the event here.

There’s a reason Zunzi’s is a downtown go-to. Find out what all the foodies are raving about here.

If you find this post after the suggested events or just need more killer date night ideas and fun family outings, then checkout Glimsity. We’re constantly updating our catalogue of videos with the latest and greatest of Savannah and other areas. We also recommend visiting Savannah Events for a calendar of good times to be had in the Savannah area.


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