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Carol Wirth is the Co-Founder of Glimsity. Carol is a story producer and interviewer. Her primary goal when out shooting video is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens.

“After more than 15 years in public relations with roots in journalism, I reached a point where I needed to find what I was passionate about in my profession or find a new one. I thought I would come out of the process changing careers. Instead, I found what I truly love about the one I’ve already got: Telling people’s stories. Everyone’s got a story – it’s what makes people (and people make up businesses) who they are, it’s their personality, their difference. I enjoy finding the story, pulling it out, making it relevant and communicating it to the public. In my adapted career, I simply found another way to communicate the stories – through documentary video.”

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People don’t have enough time in the day, which makes experiencing the Isle of Hope way of living – even if it’s just for a day – worth it.

Isle of Hope is a historic coastal community in Savannah, Georgia. It is surrounded by water on a high tide. The heart of this island beats at the pace of the incoming and outgoing tide.

You have to experience it to understand it.

One way to get the full experience is through the Isle of Hope Art and Music Fest. The Isle of Hope Historical Association puts the fest on every year. The event features local and regional artists and musicians.

This year’s Art and Music Fest is held on October 25th.

Coastal artist Bellamy Murphy

Handmade pottery

Jewelry made by local artisans

Isle of Hope artist's tent

Happy Halloween
Just in time for Happy Halloween!

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