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Carol Wirth is the Co-Founder of Glimsity. Carol is a story producer and interviewer. Her primary goal when out shooting video is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens.

“After more than 15 years in public relations with roots in journalism, I reached a point where I needed to find what I was passionate about in my profession or find a new one. I thought I would come out of the process changing careers. Instead, I found what I truly love about the one I’ve already got: Telling people’s stories. Everyone’s got a story – it’s what makes people (and people make up businesses) who they are, it’s their personality, their difference. I enjoy finding the story, pulling it out, making it relevant and communicating it to the public. In my adapted career, I simply found another way to communicate the stories – through documentary video.”

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I love a fluffy bed. In the home design trade, they call it loft. Piled high with pillows, duvet, top sheet, blanket or bedspread.

No matter how much I love my duvet in the colder months, it migrates to the foot of the bed because my husband kicks it off. My feet are ice cold, I would wear socks year-round if not for the warm climate in which we live, which appears to be a marriage saver in that regard.

It’s an age old problem, really, how spouses manage to share a bed. Supposedly, the average person changes positions 40 to 60 times during the night, including a dozen full body turns. And, studies show, each time one partner moves, the other moves within 20 seconds.

Carol Hartman, owner of Chandelier Luxury Linens boutique in Jackson, Mississippi, gave me some tips for outfitting a cozy bed. She cautions individual preference when dressing a bed. She says she winces when someone comes in and wants to buy the whole bed all at once. She encourages them to take home a piece and try it, then build a bed from there.

Individual preference is determined by look, weight, feel, as well as care and convenience. You like linen, you should like ironing (or ironing alternatives) as well. If you’re a fan of cashmere, there are plenty of soft luxurious options. Duvets work for the working moms who don’t have much time to make the bed. The duvet cover works as a top sheet that you wash like a sheet. Comforters, quilts, or anything with down, feather or synthetic fill can be light weight, but may not breathe well. Possibly you’re married to the traditional cotton or wool weave blankets that breathe. And the list goes on.
Under the bedcover, don’t get hung up on thread count looking for sheets, look for quality of fabric, which is why Carol carries certain product lines. Bedding can be an expensive pursuit. However, I am told the better the fabric the better it ages and wears with you over time…
Pillows on Bed
Which is more than I can say about the longevity of my duvet overnight.

Husband (meaning mine), if you’re looking for gift ideas to help your wife cozy up the bed – call Carol, it’s a jungle out there in the world of sheets and blankets. Meet Carol in this video of her boutique, Chandelier Luxury Linens.

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