Watching and hearing water flow can be soothing for the soul. Why do humans find waterfalls and fountains so appealing?

We need water to survive, but more importantly we need fresh water. Standing stagnant water can be repulsive and at times poisonous. Waterfalls signify healthy fresh water. Originating from rain dumping new water into the system, water flows down through rivers and streams making water fall over the earth’s formations. The flowing water process has been mechanically engineered for centuries in the form of fountains.

To refresh your soul, here’s a Glimsity virtual dose of falling water.

A 9-foot waterfall in Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens video.

Fountain (circa mid 1800s) in Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia from realtor Chris White’s video.

Waterfall designed for the building entrance in The Fiduciary Group’s video.

Waterfall designed for the interior entrance in Elē Fine Fusion dining video.

The exterior fountain from video on Elē Fine Fusion.

And just for extra measure, we threw in this one because nothing feels better than cleansing your skin. Aesthetician performs hydra-facial in Savannah Day Spa video.

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