Once in a blue moon is a phrase that means rarely does something happen. And here it is happening now. On July 31st we experienced the rare blue moon, which actually isn’t blue. It’s when a full moon occurs twice in one month, which happens an average of 2.7 years (according to this very helpful infographic from space.com)

For all you stargazing moon-lovers, let your passion inspire you indoors. Add some tasteful touches to your interiors that remind you of what you love. Can’t you envision the moon craters in that pillow in the background at Chandelier Luxury Linens?
Pillows Blue
Full moons mean high tides. When the moon is full or new, the gravitational pull on the earth is at its most, so that is when you see the highest and lowest of tides.

If you time a fishing experience on the high tide just right, you can find fish feeding in the grass as Explore Barrier Islands is known to do.
Or when the tide is low, that’s when oysters are exposed and harvested. Love for the local delicacy has inspired a sought-after series by Savannah, Georgia based artist Bellamy seen here at the Isle of Hope Art & Music Fest.
Oyster Painting
The Moon at Midnight Bearded Iris is nature’s impressionist art. The yellow bloom in the center is like a full moon and the violet surrounding petals are the midnight sky. Catch it close up at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens Iris Trial Garden.
Moon at Midnight Iris
We’ll call this moonscape art…or call it what it is, a paint palette hung up on the wall at Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar in between paint workshops.
Lily Bay Blue Hues

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