Paint Palette
Many creative artists draw inspiration from their surroundings. We do the same from the visuals our cameras record. Today’s theme: Color Palettes All Around You. A look at our favorite color-filled images from the video files.

Dental Chest
The treasure box at Rosenthal Dental offices.

Hanging Candles
Wax tapers hang in the retail and design space Chandelier.

Embroidery thread colors at Chandelier Luxury Linens.

Pastel baby accessories found at Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar.

Stuffed Animals
More pastel cuties (also found at Lily Bay).

Braces Color
Color wheel to pick out bands for braces at Vaught Orthodontics office.

Smelling Candles
From the elite socks to athletic tops, kids sport an array of color and individuality in their outfits. Smelling candles at the also very colorful Wild Oats and Billy Goats in Downtown Decatur, GA.

Gemstone Jewelry
Not so much an array of colors, but an array of purple hues. We get distracted by shiny things, found at Worthmore Jewelers in Downtown Decatur, GA.

Walk in their door at Glimsity.

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