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Carol Wirth is the Co-Founder of Glimsity. Carol is a story producer and interviewer. Her primary goal when out shooting video is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens.

“After more than 15 years in public relations with roots in journalism, I reached a point where I needed to find what I was passionate about in my profession or find a new one. I thought I would come out of the process changing careers. Instead, I found what I truly love about the one I’ve already got: Telling people’s stories. Everyone’s got a story – it’s what makes people (and people make up businesses) who they are, it’s their personality, their difference. I enjoy finding the story, pulling it out, making it relevant and communicating it to the public. In my adapted career, I simply found another way to communicate the stories – through documentary video.”

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I confess I was a little slow to catch on to the holiday spirit this year.

Maybe it’s because while still out shopping for essentials, I felt slapped in the face by the holiday marketing spirit prematurely. The month of Black Friday left little time for a casual re-entry.

Store Decorations
However, I had a pleasing shopping experience recently that wasn’t forced holiday cheer transported down from corporate marketing. I encountered a very pleasant sales floor trainee who actually enjoyed her job. She really wanted to help, not just sell. While the seasoned sales associate rang me up, she eagerly watched and learned. In fact, she commented on the aspects of the job that she wanted to learn more.

I am always struck by people I come across in everyday life who enjoy what they do. You don’t have to show up passion-ready; it’s simply taking pride in the job you’re doing and doing it well.

The man outside the grocery store joyfully singing carols while ringing the bell for the Salvation Army compelled my kids to stop, inquire, ask me for money and go back to put some in the collection kettle. We’ve walked by a few bells ringing for The Salvation Army, none have ever elicited that kind of response.

So tis the season…I’ve worked my way into it!

I’d like to recognize this staff for the job they do so well all year because they enjoy what they do.

We spent a lot of time with the people who work at Vaught Orthodontics while shooting videos for Dr. Robert Vaught’s practice. It became very clear to us after tagging along during their regular work day, these people really enjoy working there. And that makes it very nice for those of us who encounter them.

Customer service, now that’s a throwback.

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