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Carol Wirth is the Co-Founder of Glimsity. Carol is a story producer and interviewer. Her primary goal when out shooting video is to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens.

“After more than 15 years in public relations with roots in journalism, I reached a point where I needed to find what I was passionate about in my profession or find a new one. I thought I would come out of the process changing careers. Instead, I found what I truly love about the one I’ve already got: Telling people’s stories. Everyone’s got a story – it’s what makes people (and people make up businesses) who they are, it’s their personality, their difference. I enjoy finding the story, pulling it out, making it relevant and communicating it to the public. In my adapted career, I simply found another way to communicate the stories – through documentary video.”

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All across America, children over five will be occupied for the majority of the day, five days a week. Their busy brains will feast on language arts, social studies, math, science, art and whatever else is on the uniform shirts I pulled out from last year.


One, white uniform shirts should be outlawed. Two, I’m aware students use smocks during art class – is there any chance they can wear those around all day?

When we shot a video of Savannah-based artist Sue Gouse, she dressed well and never wore a smock or apron.

I thought it was just for the shoot, but every time I popped in on Sue at her downtown gallery where she paints, there she was in another cute outfit with no smock.

Sue Gouse painting “en plein air” in Savannah, Georgia square
Sue Gouse painting “en plein air” in Savannah, Georgia square

How does she do it? I don’t care how meticulous you are, you have to get the occasional swipe of oil paint. How do you get spots out?

Sue told me about Pink Soap. It’s what artists use to clean their brushes, but it has many other uses, such as treating stains on upholstery, rugs and clothing. You can get it at an art supply store. She says that it will get anything out.

At the rate we replenish our uniform shirts supply, I am going to attempt at refurbishing a few.

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