This year, we’re tackling the He Gift, and we’ve got some goodies.

It’s everything that will make him happy.

#10 No Beer Left Behind Tee from Service Brewing

These guys have got our attention lately. You can’t avoid their buzz (no pun intended). Aside from brewing a great beer, they have a great story being owned and run by veterans hence the name Service Brewing. Which is what makes this T-shirt even cooler.
Gray Tee
#9 Gift Certificate for Wine Tasting

Does he like wine? Most men that do are wine snobs; they don’t go for the cheap stuff as easily as some of our girlfriends. Give him something that doesn’t require any additional square footage to store.

You don’t have to go to Napa for a wine tasting. Go to Vino Veritas at Drayton Tower where he can taste many wines. Then let him decide what he wants for the cellar.
Form Wine Bottles
#8 The Drinking Jacket 2.0

Continuing with the theme of alcohol…give him clothing that’s utilitarian. No need to say more, just watch the video. (idea brought us by Savannah native Neil Dobbs)

Video Credit: Inzane Entertainment

#7 Gift Card for Smith Bros. Butcher Shop

Let’s move on to meat. This local fav is a suggestion of Glimsity’s Sarah Lientz, who frequents this store on a regular basis. Smith Brothers Butcher Shop is THE place for beef. The store’s namesake, two brothers from Claxton, GA, brought their beef from the farm to sell in Savannah’s City Market on dirt roads. The butcher shop lives up to its long-standing reputation. Hmm, gift certificate to an expensive chop house for one dinner out or gift card that will give you multiple special evenings at home.

Smith Brothers
Photo Credit:

#6 Grill Honey from Savannah Bee Company

Grill Honey? Great idea. Savannah Bee Company offers a few pricing options to try this concept out. They suggest pairing it with salmon or vegetable kebabs, but we think a caramelize coating to your steak sounds yummy! Get your grill on with this gift. Best part? They sell Grill Honey at Smith Brothers Butcher Shop.
Grill Honey
#5 A Yoga Mat and a Free Class at Savannah Yoga Barre

Hello, desk-bound westerners. Your back hates you. Give him the gift of health and wellness this year, with a yoga mat to start. Savannah Yoga Barre is offering free yoga classes on January 2, 2016, so he can try it out. SYB has plenty of options to help him ease into it, Basic Yoga, Backcare Yoga, Yin Yoga, on up.

England’s Rugby team trains with yoga. If they can do it, you can.

#4 Mantra Band in a Pinch at Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah

It’s no secret Glimsity’s Carol Wirth loves MantraBands, but the best news yet is there’s a He version. If you order from the company in California, the bracelet comes promptly. But if in a pinch, Dancing Dogs in Downtown Savannah sells a selection of mantra bands. Maybe not the He one, but some other mantra will work. You know your man best.
Breathe Bracelet for Men
#3 Outfit Your Outdoorsman at Rivers & Glen Trading Co.

More of an outdoors enthusiast? Local fishing guide Capt. Robert suggested Rivers and Glen Trading Co. for outfitting needs. Whether his interest is in fly fishing, wing shooting, or just wants to look cool, this is the He store. For tips on what a fly fisherman may need fishing Savannah area coastal waters, refer to this blog.
Robert Searching
#2 A Cork Keep Cup from Shop the Fox

Is he a coffee snob and on the go? Of course he is, we all are. Now he can drink his freshly brewed beverage in a barista standard resusable cup. And he can do it on-the-go. Boom. Mornings just got a whole lot sexier.
Eco Coffee Cup
#1 The Automatic Toilet and Washlet

And the all-time #1 He Gift that made NBA player Stephen Curry an ace on the court…The Automatic Toilet. Go see the people at Sandpiper Supply for the new throne. For installation, we are still working on choices!
Washlet Toilet Handsfree with Remote Control

From stocking stuffers to host gifts…from Secret Santa to that not-so-Secret Santa who fits down the chimney that you don’t have…we’ve got you covered with gift ideas at Glimsity. Check out our Lil G blog for more shopping ideas.

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